Franchise Enterprise by Turyap

Turyap, the company initiated franchise in Turkey and one of the largest established real estates firm, is taking attention in recent years with its activities at abroad. In the last two years, the company opened franchises in the US, the UK, Greece, Romania, Azerbaijan, NCTR, Spain, and the Netherlands. The company will open a master franchise in the UK.

Turyap the UK Master Franchise treaty was signed in Cyprus at the 33rd annual congress with the presence of 500 representatives and consultants. Turyap’s CEO Azmi Saribay stated that: “We have an increasing momentum in the last 33 years as the first national real estate company in Turkey. We have 300 offices in almost every city of Turkey which provide services. We believe that we have a great potential to achieve success at abroad given that our innovative and leading qualities. A strong partner that knows the country is a good opportunity that has a positive impact on our success. We have big goals in Europe and we made a strong step with our master franchise in the UK.”

“We should increase our investments in real estates at abroad.”

Saribay indicated that “We should increase our investments in real estates at abroad.” and continued his speech by saying that “Foreigners needs a mediator while buying real estates in Turkey. They try to make investments with acquaintances who have limited knowledge about the neighborhood. We are one of the most successful countries in the construction sector, we are successful in real estates developments. In terms of sales, we should emphasize financial investments in real estates. For the time being, we give weight to our activities abroad. We hope to achieve our goals with our offices at home and abroad.”

Turyap’s the UK Master Franchise representative Asim Erturk stated that “Investors, entrepreneurs, business persons, associations, and credit institutions in Europe will participate in our opening ceremony in November. He is also responsible for Britain, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. He said that they will move faster and sound steps towards the operationalization and services of the franchise. He stated that “We aim to carry our years of experiences to the London centered operations at Turyap’s the UK Master Franchise.” “We will contribute to two-way trading between the UK and Turkey in real estates sector parallel to our strengthening political ties. The regions of operationalization are at the center of the world’s central finance in real estate sector especially London. Many investors from Turkey have started their investments at abroad in recent years due to an increase in returns in the long run and exchange remittances. The Brits prefer to visit mainly Istanbul, Aegean, and the Mediterranean, and they buy real estates for long-term residences. Turyap UK will an asset for the people and institutions who would like to rent and buy real estates for the purposes of residence, buy and sale, and investment in Turkey and overcome language barriers. Similar services will take place in Northern Cyprus, where British interests are high and the similarities between Turkey and Cyprus is relative verisimilitude due to cultural, social, and historical developments between the two countries.”


Franchise Enterprise by Turyap