About us

Turyap was established in 1985 to introduce a contemporary, western-style real estate agency model in Turkey. Rendering real estate consulting services, Turyap helps thousands of real estate’s change hands with special care of its dedicated experts who work under standard principles in 330 modern offices all located in town centres across Turkey.
Turyap UK consultants are specially trained for handling real estate transactions and they all know they play a guiding role to people who are at the threshold of making a vital decision. Therefore, they embrace truth and honesty as their work principles.
They are carefully selected from professionals who have successful background of an expertise field. Thanks to its dynamic structure, Turyap UK can easily and rapidly adapt any kind of changes and developments. With its website featuring thousands of sale-rent portfolios, Turyap UK has broken the ground in the business of real estate, reaching many customers online. As Turyap UK, we serve our customers in various investment areas in England.
Our portfolio consists of commercial, residential, student accommodation investments, hotel investments and care home investments. Our investment advisors know that each client has different needs and therefore they aim to cater according to the demands of our customers. We guide our clients through every step of acquiring real estate in the UK and play an active role in overseeing the whole process.
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