Sifnos Island

Description of the interior spaces

The hotel is consisted of 7 suites, each one with 2 rooms and of 50-75 square meters and also 5 double rooms of one bedroom , 30- 35  square meters each. Each suite can accommodate from 2 to 6 persons. Suites also have one bathroom and one secondary wc . The ceilings are coated with wood, the tiles are of white granite in size of 60X60 cm or 60X40 cm. All the bathroom benches and the washbasins are made of French Corian (Dupon brand). The accessories of the bathrooms and the toilet bowls have been imported from Italy. The beds have been purchased from Cocomat and all the furniture is handmade. 

On the ground level (swimming pool level) there is the veranda of the café, the bar which has also a bench of Dupon Corian material, the kitchen, common wc and the reception area. In the nearby area there is the owner’s room.

Description of outdoor areas- infrastructure

The construction is of excellent quality, with the most contemporary materials used, especially on the insulation field, which give a long lasting life in the buildings and nullifies the possibility of damages caused by humidity. The outside part of the buildings has been coated at ¼ with special insulating methods of high endurance, all painted in white, and the rest ¾ has been insulated and coated with stones, which do not need any type of maintenance.

The total meters of stone walls are 550, and if we take an average height of 2 meters, then we have 550X2=1.100 square meters of stone coating. All the mantels (pezoulas) that surround the buildings have as a finishing touch, a white cement screed of special construction and materials. The length of the above is more than 150 meters. The yards, the verandas of the rooms and the outside steps have been stone paved from the best local workmen and the size of them is 1.200 square meters. The parking lot is about 800 square meters and has been lined with heavy type patterned cement screed.

Due to the quality and the ground slope, special civil engineer studies have been made for the static of the buildings and also special geostatic studies for the location of the swimming pool. In addition, there have been Mechanical-Electrical engineer studies regarding water supply, sewage, electricity, air-conditioning, fire protection etc. On the underground land, there are networks for controlling and monitoring the water supply, the settlement of rain water, electricity, communications, automatic watering system etc. For the air conditioning of all the areas the latest Mitsubishi Inverter units have been placed (mainly floor units).

8 solar panels  have been placed, (in a special shaped place on the back side of the buildings, not in common view) for hot water which then is kept in 2 boilers that are installed with one petrol burner in an engine room with fire proof door.  In the same engine room there are also 2 filtering systems for clearing the water. A second engine room there is in the lower level of the hotel and it has all the necessary machines and systems for operating the swimming pool. In the same level it is also the laundry room, the linen closets, two storage rooms and five rooms for the stuff that are working in the hotel.

The sewage collection tank is placed in an underground area of 35 square meters and also there are placed transfer pumps that drain sewage into the organic purification system. An organic 4th generation purification system made in Italy is installed in an underground area of 35 square meters.

  • Land: approximately 5.500 s.m.
  • Guest rooms: approximately 470 s.m.
  • Utility rooms: 380 s.m.
  • Total: 850 s.m.                             

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