Church Road


Highly specified apartments and town houses within 13 minutes rail travel of Westfield, Stratford, Liverpool Street and Bank…
factor in Crossrail and the Capital’s on your doorstep.

A new development not yet launched off-plan opportunity to reserve a new build property in the 256 church road development. As an investor a few things matter location, rental return and exit. Location is ideal with the development being 13 minutes away from stratford station and westfield shopping complex alongside this its 14 minutes away from city airport, not to mention Leyton being on the CENTRAL line of London’s magnificent tube network. Location will never be an issue in this sought after development.

Rental returns have never been this high in this side of London reaching record prices due to shortage of housing in the area the biggest concerns for an investor are void periods, as explained the location itself lends to the fact that void periods will be at a minimum as getting good quality tenants for this development will be a easy and smooth transaction giving you the maximum return for your investment. Such is the quality agents offer rent guarantee service for this development knowing that tenants will be readily available from the day the keys are released and you have completed your purchase. This is a great way to ensure your investment is both protected well managed and profitable

Exit strategy is also important everyone knows the shortage of housing especially in London is pushing prices up. Where this property is located is prime for further growth with new lea bridge road station just opened up, new schools being built and Waltham forest being voted borough of culture for 2019 the infostructure and money being pulled into the area goes into the millions. This is your opportunity to acquire something at a really good price, location before it is open to the market. The last development in this area of a similar size was sold within a day when it was launched therefore its advisable to get in early to reap the rewards.



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